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Donate to Community United Church

At Community United Church we believe that our offerings are first and foremost any sincere work of justice, kindness, and mercy that brings more of heaven to earth. In this way, every moment is an opportunity for offering our gifts.

So, too, if you have committed to support the material needs of the church—or would like to contribute financially today—you can do so by clicking the “donate today” button below. When you donate, you are supporting a Christian congregation that works across denominations, supports interfaith opportunities, feeds the hungry, is Open and Affirming of LGBTQ people, rejects narrow tests of faith, houses addiction/recovery programs, offers public worship, nurtures multigenerational educational needs, and provides social opportunities to connect with a diverse community. Your support goes a long way to help Community United Church show what the Gospel really looks like—especially in a time when too many people see Christianity as a restrictive religion of oppressive rules and regulations. Your gift helps us step out into the world that much more with Christ’s message of grace, wisdom, and love!

(Please consider also the opportunity to contribute automatically from your bank account. See the church administrative assistant for information about this.)

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