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Looking to Thomas

Douglas Hearn | Sunday Apr 16th, 2023

I was recently asked how did your faith develop. I admit that it is something that has grown.

Some of you may know that I have been fascinated by Thomas. If I asked you to tell me what you know about Thomas in the Bible, you’d likely say “doubting Thomas” – because that’s what we’ve been taught to call this, the story of doubting Thomas. And “doubting Thomas” is often meant as an indictment rather than a compliment. But I think that doubt is not the opposite of faith, rather it is essential to faith.

I ask you to think about these attributes of Thomas.

1. Curiosity: Thomas is known for his skepticism and inquisitiveness, which demonstrates a deep curiosity and a desire for truth and understanding.
2. Critical thinking: Thomas did not simply accept what he was told without questioning it, but rather applied critical thinking and logical reasoning to arrive at his own conclusions.
3. Courage: In expressing his doubts and questioning the beliefs of those around him, Thomas showed courage and a willingness to stand up for his own beliefs, even in the face of opposition.
4. Honesty: Thomas was honest with himself and others about his doubts and uncertainties, which is an admirable trait that promotes open communication and intellectual integrity.
5. Loyalty: Despite his doubts, Thomas remained committed to his friends and fellow disciples, ultimately rejoining them in their mission after receiving the evidence he had sought. This loyalty to his community shows a deep sense of compassion and commitment.

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