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Monday Motivation

Sunday Mar 19th, 2023

Lent and Transformation

Have the seed and plant catalogs been flooding your mail? Thoughts and discussions of digging in the soil have become commonplace in our home. Lent is a period of spiritual reflection and renewal for many of us. It emphasizes sacrifice, self-discipline, and repentance.

Tuesday Feb 21st, 2023

Transformation:Jesus Leads the Way

The story of the transfiguration, where Jesus's true nature is revealed to his disciples, can be a powerful message for today’s church as it undergoes its own transformation.

Just as Jesus's divinity was not immediately apparent to his disciples, the church may need to undergo a process of discovery and transformation to fully understand and embrace its mission in the modern world. The church today can take inspiration from the way that Jesus's transfiguration enabled his disciples to see him in a new light, and to understand the importance of his teachings in a deeper way. Similarly, the church can transform itself by embracing new ways of thinking and new ways of reaching out to those around us.

This transformation can take many forms. It may involve re-examining traditions and finding new ways to express it in today’s context. It may involve rethinking the way the church is structured and operates, to better meet the needs of its members and the community. It may involve reaching out to marginalized groups and working to create a more inclusive and welcoming environment. Whatever the form of the transformation-- the message of the transfiguration is clear: change is possible, and it can lead to a deeper understanding of the divine. This allows us to have a more meaningful engagement with and within the world. The wider church today can embrace this message, and work to transform itself into a force for good in the world, meeting the needs of its members and the wider community in new and meaningful ways.

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